LauraJane McDonough

The Launch Coach

LJ teaches a simple and effective process to build a unique and confident one-on-one coaching program, and launch it to the world without overwhelm.

About me

LJ is a confidence and clarity expert when it comes to building and launching your high-ticket coaching offer. She spent well over 18 months – and a lot of money – trying, failing, and trying again to nail down the best coaching program for her, her clients, and her current business model.

After mastering it herself, she now helps her clients do the same thing in half the time, with half the overwhelm.

Often we want to jump straight into a fully established business, offering all the flashy, shiny online products, which don’t work for where our business currently is. LJ knows how to hone in on what works for your business right now, and focus on getting the best result in this stage, in order to evolve it to the next.

Her mission is to help her clients build a confident and successful coaching offer that will propel them to financial and emotional freedom.

Build Your High-Ticket Coaching Program

Are you confident in your high-ticket coaching offer? Do you struggle to knuckle down exactly what does and doesn’t need to be included to get your clients the most amazing results? This $35 Workbook will help you gain clarity on your niche, your simple offer, and your standout program, so you can have the confidence to sell it. This is exactly what I teach my one-on-one clients, at a fraction of the cost!

A Standout Coach For Coaches

Sarah M

“She listened, asked the right questions, provided me with her perspective, challenged my beliefs, and taught me tools that I could use, and she believed in me.”

Kim B.

“I have 3 dream clients and the progress I’ve seen has been incredible.”

Naomi F.

“Having you in my life has been such a blessing and I’m so glad I decided to work with you. I’ve grown into who I always wanted to be, but struggled to grasp.”

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